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Our Work

We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to lead a life of dignity, purpose, and independence, regardless of their circumstances. We work towards creating a world where disabled and disadvantaged individuals can thrive and live fulfilling lives, both in the UK and overseas.

Project Sierra Leone

We support disadvantaged communities by providing second hand goods and access to clean water.

Daffodil Principle Fundraising Appeal

What happens when we actively take action every day?

Mindfulness Appeal

Mindful exercises that improves the mind and helps us raise funds.

Education, Training and Employment

We give small grants to university student groups promoting inclusion in further education and supporting those with learning difficulties within universities and colleges enabling them to meet their full potential and give back/contribute to society whether in paid or unpaid (volunteering) work. We also try to engage with UK employers to see beyond disability and more towards capability and potential. In other 'community settings we aim to promote tolerance and physical and mental health thereby facilitating a happier and more engaged society.

Ongoing Objectives

Our ongoing objectives are to:


  • Break through the stereotypes of surrounding disability especially learning disability
  • Provide facilities that enhance the lives of the disabled/disadvantaged
  • Support and collaborate with other agencies/organisations to facilitate the delivery of our charitable objects
  • Fundraise to support our work


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